Mordhau Wiki
Gear 1411.png
Weapon type Ranged
Max Ammo 16
Head damage 430/450/418/416
Torso damage 400/400/400/400
Legs damage 380/390/391/391
Wood damage 60
Stone damage 1
Projectile Speed 13500ms
Draw Speed 200ms
Reload Speed 5ms
Can flinch Yes
Gravity Scale 0.5

The 1411 "Mordherator" is a secret weapon added to Mordhau in patch 16. It uses longsword pommels for ammunition, and it was produced by the fictional company "Triternion Industries".

It cannot be obtained by regular means, and has to be spawned in by a server admin. This can be done by inserting the following command into the console:


Mostly used as a tool for server mods, the 1411 can be refilled in the same manner that you would refill a bow or any other ranged weapon in the game.

Note that you cannot drop the 1411 by any means, meaning it will not be dropped upon death or by using any emotes that may force you to drop your weapon.



The term "parrythis" that is used when receiving the 1411 is a reference to an internet meme depicting a heavily armored medieval soldier wielding a black 1911 with the accompanying text "parry this you filthy casual."