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Overview[edit | edit source]

Armor refers to equipment selected on the loadout screen that provides passive protection from attacks.

There are four different types of armor: Cosmetic, Light, Medium, and Heavy; these can be equipped to different parts of the character to provide protection to those areas. The heavier the armor, the higher the protection. As the level of protection increases, so does the Point Cost of each component and the slower the player's character movement will become. A complete heavy armor loadout will incur a penalty of around 20% to the default movement speed).

Different weapon causes different amounts of damage to each type of armor. Therefore, armor can be said to provide weapon-specific damage reduction rather than a flat amount of protection.

For Example: The Scythe will deal near fatal damage to players using light armor, but does almost nothing if the opponent has medium or heavy armor covering the struck body part. However, some weapons such as the Warhammer will do almost identical amounts of damage to each body part regardless of armor type.

Armor type overview
Type Point Cost (Legs)
Cosmetic 0
Light 3 (1)
Medium 6 (3)
Heavy 9 (6)

Note: Legs have a lower Point Cost as denoted above