Mordhau Wiki

Hello, and welcome to Mordhau!

Mordhau is not a sword fighting simulator, but is instead its own unique take on the slasher genre. Before stepping into the game, it helps to take a moment and learn how the game mechanics work and how you are supposed to use them.


Attacks in Mordhau are split into 2 main sections, the windup and the release.

  1. The windup is an animation that comes out before the attack can actually hit and do damage. This animation warns you about the incoming attack, and gives you a short window to notice and prepare to deal with it.
  2. The release is the phase where the attack can no longer be stopped or manipulated by the attacker. At this point, the weapon will do damage if striking a player along its path. You can get a feel for the difference between the windup and release by going into game settings and enabling "draw tracers".

Hitting early in the release is an accelerated attack, otherwise known as an "accel". To do an accel, move your mouse (turn) in the same direction your attack is moving.

Hitting late in the release is a dragged out attack, otherwise known as a "drag". To do a drag, move your mouse (turn) in the opposite direction your attack is moving. Ideally, you want to accel and drag directly before or during the release, not during the windup.

Not all attacks will go from windup phase into the release phase. Swings can be 'morphed' (turned into a different attack) by pressing the button for said attack; a maximum of two morphs are possible; example would be stab -> slash -> kick. You can't morph back to an attack type you've already done.


Defending in Mordhau is split into 2 different mechanics, chambering and parrying.

  1. Chambering is done by looking at the enemy's attack and mirroring him with the same attack. If you time it correctly, your attack should block the enemy's attack and keep going through. While simpler, parrying should not be your sole form of defense.
  2. Parrying is done by looking at the part of the weapon that is going to strike you and pressing the parry button when it is just about to land. If you time it right, the enemy attack will be blocked. You can also do an early chamber while morphing it into a late parry, which is a great form of defense.

After you parry, it is important to riposte. Ripostes are done by attacking as soon as your parry blocks the enemy attack. Ripostes come out even faster than normal attacks, and don't let you get interrupted. It is important to defend against ripostes, and to not try and out attack a riposte.

When you are defending, you usually want to put distance between you and your opponent, such as by moving backwards. When you are attacking, you usually want to be closer to your opponent, such as by moving forwards.

Do not be afraid to fight bots in a local match! A handful of practice is a great way to get a handle on the mechanics of Mordhau, and it will make fighting real players a lot easier.