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Gear Billhook.png
Weapon type Two-handed
Length (cm) 135 cm
Points 14
Gold Cost 300
Alt Mode Yes
Head damage 100 / 65 / 40 / 35
Torso damage 65 / 50 / 30 / 25
Leg damage 65 / 50 / 30 / 25
Wood damage 22
Stone damage 10
Windup (ms) 600 ms
Combo (ms) 800 ms
Release (ms) 500 ms
Recovery (ms) 700 ms
Miss cost 10
Feint cost 10
Morph cost 7
Stamina drain 19
Parry drain Negation 12
Stop on hit No
Can combo Yes
Hit knockback -200
Can flinch Yes
Turn Cap X 265
Turn Cap Y 185.5
Stab Head damage 100 / 75 / 58 / 43
Stab Torso damage 75 / 60 / 50 / 35
Stab Leg damage 60 / 50 / 35 / 25
Stab Wood damage 12
Stab Stone damage 7
Stab Combo (ms) 825 ms
Stab Release (ms) 325 ms
Stab Miss cost 11
Stab Stamina drain 18
Stab Hit knockback 125
Stab Turn Cap X 275
Stab Turn Cap Y 192.5
Alt Mode - Strike
Stone damage 15
Hit knockback 120
Alt Mode - Stab
Stab Hit knockback -170
Block movement None
Is block held No

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The Billhook is a Two-handed melee weapon, notable for it's Push/Pull mechanic which is useful against Cavalry.


Alt Mode: The alt mode will flip the weapon around to use the back spike of the head, this will result in pulling your opponent towards you when swinging beeing transformed into pulling your opponent towards you when stabbing him with it.

Gear Cost: 14 points.


The billhook is useful when fighting against mounted opponents and players wearing lighter armor. The very lenient turn caps allow for exceptional accelerated attacks and the 500ms release time is capable of maintaining good overhand drags in most situations. Attacks against light armor are a consistent 2 hits to kill, and a single shot to the head of an unarmored player.

The ability to dismount players off of horses when striking is generally considered powerful in frontline and invasion, however this is more opportunistic than it is reliable, due to the range of lances and other polearms used by mounted players. This weapon is best used to forcibly dismount riders when they miss you, but can easily get you killed if you try to directly contest their range.

This weapon pulls players towards you on its basic swings (left right overhand and underhand) to a pretty extreme margin. There is also a crippling effect that lowers player movement speed, allowing Billhook players to forcibly keep lower skilled players inside of their effective range, and pull more skilled players out of position in team fights for their allies to kill. This pulling mechanic also creates some very interesting combos. One famous combo is a drag that pulls the player towards you, before you hit them with a kick before they can recover. While they are pushed away from the kick, they cannot chamber an attack or otherwise avoid attacks, and can only parry, which allows you to feint a stab, and render them helpless for another pull. Low skilled players can be hit by this combo multiple times in a row, from full health to death, making it incredibly powerful, and difficult to deal with.

The weapon has very good vertical turn cap, and a 130 cm range. This helps the billhook more reliably chase players when they jump over leg drags or horizontal swings towards the legs, and allows you to be somewhat more consistent in hitting these attacks.


The billhook suffers from abysmal damage against armored opponents. A consistent 4 shots to kill a heavily armored player. This renders it obsolete in most dueling scenarios, as weapons it face consistently deal a multitude more damage, or are much faster than the billhook, eliminating its main strengths altogether. It is not suggested to use this in duel yards, to the same effect that a quarterstaff is suggested. Do it at your own peril, or as a meme.

The range of the billhook is mediocre for a 2h polearm at 130 centimeters, leading behind weapons like the Zweihander, Spear, Halberd and on par with weapons such as the Polehammer. These weapons, due to their higher hit damage, generally outperform the billhook in direct trades in a very decisive way, making playing against these weapons inadvisable, as they can effectively avoid the threat of being caught in a combination altogether with good footwork.

The stamina of this weapon is generally considered very mediocre, making it not the best to engage in stamina contests with players using weapons like the Maul, Eveningstar, and War Axe.

Skins / Components[]

The Billhook doesn't have any skins, only components.

Default skin component table
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Historical References[]

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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Can be used to dismount people from Horses.