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Type Default
Armor Light Head
Medium Torso
Unarmoured Legs
Weapons Zweihänder and Dagger
Perks Butcher, Tenacious, Wrecker, Cat, Friendly, and Acrobat
Voice Commoner
Emblem Sun
Age 38
Head Wanderers Hood
Neck Nothing
Torso Brigandine
Shoulders Wanderers Scarf
Arms Footsoldier Arms
Hands Checkered Leather Gloves
Waist Longskirt Cover Back
Legs Baggy Pants
Feet Riders Boots

The Brigand is one of the default mercenary classes presented in Mordhau. He is a lightly armoured rough looking soldier wielding a Zweihander and a Dagger as a secondary weapon.

Overview[edit | edit source]

He is best used in flanking and surprising attacks instead of frontal charge due to his low head armor and no leg at armor at all , being somewhat of a Glass Canon type of mercenary , making him not ideal for beginners until they learn the basics of parrying and footwork in order to avoid getting hit.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Brigand's light equipment allows him to be somewhat mobile on the battlefield at the cost of his defence. A good strategy would be to always try and flank enemy positions instead of a head on assault , since archers , throwables and even balistas can quickly take you out with a few hits , especially if you get hit in the head.

The Zweihander , while applying the heavy weapon debuff that slows movement , is still relatively quick in combination to the brigand's equipment , allowing for a good footwork. Combined with the Zwei's range and damage , it can be used to your advantage against armored , slower oponents and especially if you catch them by surprise by flanking them.

Don't forget to use the Zweihander's ALT MODE (Pressing R) in order to have better manueverability of the weapon in closed enviroments where the normal mode would get stuck in the walls and ceiling , or use your secondary Dagger to defend yourself.

BEWARE of heavy hitting weapons such as Battle Axe , War Axe and Executioners Sword as they punish unarmored opponents , especially without leg armor such as the Brigand. Also, beware of Bear Traps as they will instantly kill you if you are caught in them due to no leg armor.

Using cover is crucial for the Brigand as his low defence will be used as an advantage by enemy archers and skirmishers in order to quickly dispatch you. It would also be wise for you to equip your Dagger instead of the Zweihander when running across the battlefield , as the Zweihander's heavy weapon debuff will slow your overall running speed while equipped.

Due to his low defensive equipment, the Brigand is allowed to have many perks to his advantage. Cat and Tenacious especially will let the player survive fall damage with relative ease , while Tenacious will increase HP regen rate by 66%. Use this to quickly jump away to safety in order to regenerate your health , provided you have enough HP to survive the fall in the first place.

Loadout Data[edit | edit source]

The following string of text can be inserted into your Game.ini file, located at %localappdata%\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsClient and it will create a copy of the Brigand loadout that you can edit.