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Foppish is a Voice set within the game for Male mercenaries. It was voiced by voice actor Brandon Blair

Voice Lines[edit | edit source]

Yes[edit | edit source]

- Surely

- Yes sir!

- Yes!

- Certainly

No[edit | edit source]

- I don't think so

- Certainly not

- No!

- Impossible

Help[edit | edit source]

- Help me!

- Heeeeeelp!

- Oh no I'm in trouble!

- Oh it looks like I need help!

- Nope, nope nope I've changed my mind... Help!

- Ok, ok I've bitten off more than I can chew

Insult[edit | edit source]

- You do actually know how to use that thing?

- No, by all means, keep swinging away, you'll eventually hit something

- You'll eventually hit something

- You sir, smell like something that was ejected from the backside of a diarrhetic horse!

- Shaking it more than twice is playing with it

- No, no you pointed this way you idiot

- You sir, are the worst soldier I have ever... smelled

- Are you just pretending to be a soldier?

- Look, don't feel bad,maybe you're not just cut out to be.. much of anything

Intimidate[edit | edit source]

- Do we really have to kill all of them? I was hoping to be done before tea

- Ahoooy, ah, the dung-covered peasant convention is that way.

- That is not an army, it is a bunch of sexually frustrated farmers

- Well men, we trained hard, but looking upon the face of our enemy, we needn't have trained so hard

- You call that an army? I've seen bigger book clubs

- Where is the rest of your army?

- Yoohoo, uh, we were supposed to fight an actual army, here. Uh, would you mind telling us where they've gone?

Sorry[edit | edit source]

- My fault!

- I don't know what I was thinking

- Oo, heh, sorry

- But I hope this doesn't mean we can't be friends

- I am so sorry

- Oh, heh, terribly sorry

Laugh[edit | edit source]

Thanks[edit | edit source]

- What I'm trying to say is, thank you?

- You have my gratitude

- Thank you most kindly

- Thank you!

- Thank you most kindly

Friendlies[edit | edit source]

- Oh, you bastard

- You did that on purpose

- Just whose side do you think you're on?

- You just watch where you stick that thing!

- You did not just mistake me for one of those corn-fed simpletons.

Retreat[edit | edit source]

- I'm getting out of here!

- Fall back fall back!

- I think we better ruuuuun!

- I think it's time we fell back

Hold[edit | edit source]

- Hold fast!

- Steady!

- Hold your ground here!

- If they get through, very bad things are going to happen to all of us

Hello[edit | edit source]

- Oh hello!

- Yes, yes, pleased to meet you I'm sure

- Good day!

- Well met

- Hello

Follow me[edit | edit source]

- This way

- Behind me!

- Follow me

- Come on men, follow me

Respect[edit | edit source]

- You know it's not every day I get to face a worthy opponent

- You handle your weapon rather well, it's a shame I have to kill you

- Well struck!

- It's a shame I have to kill you

- 'Tis a rare thing to see a man who handles his weapon, as well as I do

- Your form, and execution, are exquisite

Charge[edit | edit source]

- Chaaaaarge!

- Heeeeeeeuuuyaaaaah!

- Eeeeuyaaaaaaaahhh!

- Dodge this you bastard!

- Have at them, boys!

- Pumpkincannonyeeeaaaaaahhhhh!

- To victoooory!

- Forward!