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The following is a collection of terms often used in Mordhau and its community, along with a brief description of said term.

Mordhau Glossary
Term Definition
1vX Fighting against multiple opponents, where you are alone and having to defend against 2 or more opponents.
Accel The act of moving your camera in the direction of your strike in order to accelerate it, resulting in less time for your opponent to react.
Active Parry Whenever you are in a riposte, either from held block riposte, or normal parry riposte .

Your shield becomes active and is able to block attacks that strike the shields model. All shields have the ability to active parry ,including targe and buckler, only being limited by their size.

Alt Mode An alternative method of using a given weapon, whether it be using a different part of it, adjusting your grip on it, or even throwing it.
Armor Protective garments of varying types, which slow the wearer's movements slightly but reduces the impact of incoming attacks. Armor is worn separately for the head, chest, and legs, and comes in light, medium, and heavy varieties. More details here
Bard A player that primarily stands around the battlefield playing the Lute
Binds Having each of the attack directions manually bound to individual keybinds, rather than using the default 240 Control Scheme.
Block Another term for a Parry, where you are raising your Weapon or Shield in order to block/parry your opponents attack.
Body Feint The act of moving the camera aggressively to emulate the movements of an attack, without actually inputting an attack.
Buffering Competeing for initiative by starting up a swing at the same time your opponent does and feint to parrying out of it
Catching Running towards an attack in order to parry/chamber it earlier.
Chamber A mechanic which lets players defend against an attack by starting their own attack of the same type. While stabs can be chambered with any stab, swings have to chambered according to the angle of attack. This means overheads coming from left have to chambered with an overhead from left, horizontal attacks coming from right have to be chambered with horizontal attack from right. Chambers have a limited time window (starting the moment you queue the attack) in which they can be performed. Chambers, unlike parries, have no knockback when succesfully defending against an attack, making it a great resource when you are at the edge of a cliff.
Chamber Feint A feint which is performed after succesfully chambering an attack.
Chamber Feint to Parry (chftp) The act of parrying when the chamber window ends (or when the chamber doesn't stop the attack), giving the player both the chamber window and the parry window to defend against a single attack (drags, morphs). Using this tactic properly gives the player perfect defense against swing manipulation and morphs without the need of reading them, at the cost of stamina [30 + (attacker weapon stam drain - defender weapon stam drain negation)]
Chamber Morph Chambering an attack and then turning it into a stab or a strike through the morph mechanic.
Chase Mechanic The chase mechanic is a mechanic which makes you faster when you're running behind somebody, to be able to catch up and kill them. This is so players at a disadvantage of speed like a Tier 3 armor running behind a naked person can still kill them.
Clash A clash is when you and your opponent hit an attack at the same time with your swords, which leads you to keep clashing them at the same time, where you can either keep repeating the same attacks, or feint, morph, etc.
Combo Feint to Parry (cftp) After landing a successful swing start up another by comboing and then feint to parry out of the combo.
Combo Transitioning a weapon's attack into another of the same type. Though the time required to perform a combo attack is longer than a regular attack's windup, it's faster than having to go through the weapon's recovery period. However, missing with a Combo swing usually consumes twice as much stamina. Usually listed in milliseconds.
Conditioning ...
Couch Holding a weapon straight out while on horseback to deal massive damage to anybody it hits. Only doable with certain weapons, such as the Spear or Estoc. More details here
Cucumber A horizontal swing that you bring up and over the head of your opponent then pull back down to hit the shoulder opposite to where your swing started.
Damage How much health is drained from a player after being hit by an attack, falling from great heights, etc.
Defensive Footwork ...
Disarm Forcing someone to drop their Weapon by making them Parry your attack without having sufficient Stamina.
Double Parry A double parry is when you click the parry button twice, very fast. This leads to a double parry which can extend your parry time.
Drag The act of moving your camera in the opposite direction of your strike in order to decelerate it, which will mess with your opponent's timing.
Early Parry Parrying earlier than normal to be able to parry against a potential next attack. Widely used to double parry feints.
Early Release ...
Easy Parry ...
Extended Parry ...
Feint to Parry Cancelling an attack in order to parry. Used to defend against an opponent who is going to hit you before you hit them.
Feint Beginning an attack, only to cancel it during the windup period. This is mainly used as a means of faking out opponents. Costs 10 stamina to perform, unless noted otherwise.
Flinch When you are hit by an attack capable of making you flinch (most melee attacks can do this), any actions you may be currently performing will be interrupted.
Footwork ...
Frametime Average time between frames over a specified time period. Lower frame time means that your frames are updated more frequently.
Free Guard One of two teams that players fight for during Frontline or Invasion maps. Signified by their blue coloration.
Gambling Gambling is when your enemy attacks by doing a morph or feint, and you strike them before their attack lands. This is mostly doable if your enemy has feinted and you want to get an attack in, making them lose more stamina.
Gear Cost Determines how many Gear Points are needed in order to equip a given weapon, armor piece, or perk.
Gear Points Your budget for weapons, armor, and perks when making a custom mercenary in Mordhau. Mercenaries have 48 points to work with.
Happy Feet Another term for Runhau or relying heavily on footwork and running away from an attack.
Health How much damage your character can take before dying, usually being 100 points. There are a few ways to recover it, including getting a killing blow with a melee weapon, using a bandage or med kit, or avoiding doing any stamina-intensive actions for a few seconds.
Held Shield It's a type of parry that only happens on if you hold R for a while with a shield. During this parry, you cannot attack, and your parry can be broken if the enemy kicks you, and you also lose stamina per attack.
Hit stop ...
Hyper-Armor The phase where you're un-flinchable and your swing cannot be stopped unless you die or your swing is parried. This is done by riposting.
Initiative ...
Interpolation ...
Iron Company One of two teams that players fight for during Frontline or Invasion maps. Signified by their red coloration.
Jpeg ...
Jump A short upward hop, usually done to clear obstacles or maneuver around the environment. Costs 10 stamina to perform, or 5 with the Acrobat perk
Kick It's when you kick with F and are able to cancel someone's windup and early release of his attack as of Patch 22. Kicks can also be countered with another kick at the same time, much like Chambering.
Kick Feint It's when you kick with F and press Q to feint, cancelling the kick during the windup.
Knockback Knockback is how much you're pushed back after getting hit. For example, you slide a bit sideways when you get hit by a horizontal attack.
Late Release ...
Late Riposte ...
Leanback Looking up to make your character lean backswards in order to dodge/delay an attack which is about the hit you.
Lunge Forward movement bonus given to the player when his attack starts.
Matrix Act of dodging with mouse movement to manipulate your character.
Maulrat A term for a Maul player who wears little or no armour, and skulks around other players to get easy kills. Especially prone to joining Duel servers and randoming attacking people while they duel.
Mindgames ...
Miss Cost It's how much stamina you lose when you miss an attack at an enemy.
Miss Detector A mechanic which detects missed attacks that you attempted to parry and lets you parry/attack earlier.
Morph Feint It's when you perform a morphed attack by turning it from a strike to a stab or a stab to a strike and then feint.
Morph Transitioning a stab into a swing, or vice versa. Performing this costs 7 stamina on top of any other potential stamina costs, unless noted otherwise
Multi Parry ...
Neutral ...
Objective The primary goal on most Frontline and Invasion maps. These include things such as pushing a cart, controlling points on the map, burning tents, or killing a castle's lord.
Offensive Footwork ...
Packet Loss ...
Panic Parry ...
Parry Drain Negation When parrying an opponent's weapon, you reduce their weapon's stamina drain by this amount; the total is how much stamina you lose when successfully parrying that weapon
Parry into Parry Parrying again after a succesful parry. It's commonly used in 1vX scenerios and it gives bonus stamina when succesful.
Parry A quick defensive maneuver, interposing your weapon or shield in the way of an incoming attack to deflect the blow and save yourself from damage, albeit at the cost of stamina.
Peasant An expensive perk which limits your armor and weapon options significantly, but also provides a few new ones. More details here
Perks Passive features which provide a variety of benefits to anyone possessing them. More details here
Points A general score-keeping system during matches, awarded for a wide variety of actions, from damaging or killing an opponent to performing objective-related actions.
Pulling An action in team play where you pull an enemy from an area back to your teammate(s).
Rat The name of one of the Perks, but also commonly used to denote a playstyle of avoiding the fight, running away and getting cheap kills.
Recovery The time it takes for your weapon to return to being idle and therefore be ready to swing again after missing an attack. Usually listed in milliseconds.
Red Parry When your parry arrived at the server later than your opponent's attack. Either because you parried too late, or latency prevented your parry from arriving at the server in time.
Regen Also known as regenerating, refers to allowing your Health and/or Stamina to regenerate in combat.
Release The time that a weapon's active damage frames are present during its animation. Usually listed in milliseconds.
Riposte It's a counter attack that can be executed after a parry and needs to be timed correctly. If you take too long to attack after a parry, you will do a normal attack instead of a riposte.
Runhau Running away mid-fight in order to regen stamina or forcing your opponent to waste stamina by missing.
Spin Reductor ...
Spinning ...
Sprint A state where a character moves much faster (approximately 60% faster), but cannot recover stamina. You will automatically stop sprinting if you stop moving straight forward, or perform any action aside from jumping.
Stab Drag It's when you stab someone out of their parry box and not directly, then hover your mouse over to them, which leads to the stab attack arriving slightly later, preferably after the enemy's parry.
Stamina Drain The amount of stamina an opponent will lose after successfully parrying an attack (before Parry Drain Negation is applied)
Stamina How much your character can do before tiring out, usually being 100 points. Actions such as attacking, jumping, and successful parries will drain stamina. Stamina regenerates over time after a short delay, but sprinting, parrying, loading a bow/crossbow, or performing any stamina-consuming action will halt stamina recovery. While at 0 stamina, you cannot Combo, and any successful parry attempts will result in your weapon/shield being knocked out of your hands.
Support ...
Swing Manipulation Moving an attack during the Release in order to Drag, Accel or perform any other tactic.
Target Switch It's when you're fighting something and then decide to fight another thing that is behind you, AKA another target. This is essential for winning 1vX situations.
Tempo ...
Tickrate The update rate set by the server for how often it sends new updates to each client connected about the state of the game.
Tracers A visualization of a weapon's movement through the air, that is used to determine whether an attack hits or misses. Also referred to as a weapon's hit box or hit tracers.
Turn Cap A general measure of how limited your camera-turning is whilst swinging a weapon, measured both horizontally and vertically. A lower number means a higher restriction.
Waterfall It's an overhead attack where you go to hit an enemy, go out of their parry box and then land the attack on their feet. This is a really hard attack to do because it requires some serious swing manipulation.
Weapon The primary means of dealing damage in Mordhau. This term applies to a wide variety of things such as spears, swords, bows, etc.
Wessex ...
Windup The time between beginning a weapon's attack and the Release (aka damage period). Feinting during this time will return the weapon to its idle state. Usually listed in milliseconds.
Wrapping An action in teamplay where the outer edges of the team surround the enemies.
Wristy Twisty ...