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Overview[edit | edit source]

Horses are an alternative method of traversing and fighting on the battlefield, albeit one that is not always available.

Horses can be found on the following maps:




Mountain Peak

There are three main varieties of horses: Unarmored, lightly armored, and heavily armored. All varieties of horses take significantly less damage from attacks than what players normally would. They also do not have separate damage parameters for their legs or head - Damage they receive is the same, regardless of where they are hit. Their health appears to randomly vary in the range of 95 to 100.

Damage calculation for horses is as follows:

Take the damage value that a given weapon deals against an unarmored torso. Apply a 0.45x modifier for an unarmored horse, 0.3x for lightly armored, or 0.25x for heavily armored. Then, if the weapon is a ranged attack (crossbow shot, thrown axe, etc), apply an additional 0.75x modifier. Any fire-based damage is multiplied by 1.5x, after the initial reduction. Then, if the total results in a decimal, round down, even if the decimal is .5 or higher.

Example: A war axe and a javelin both deal 100 damage to unarmored torsos. With this formula, war axes would deal 45 damage to unarmored horses, 30 to lightly armored, and 25 to heavily armored. A javelin, on the other hand, does 33, 22, and 18 damage respectively, due to the damage penalty applied to ranged attacks

Horses are by far the fastest means of getting across the battlefield, and can allow you to Couch certain weapons, holding them out in the direction the player is looking and letting the horse's momentum be what power's the weapon's strikes. A successful couched strike can often do enough damage to one-shot even heavily armored players. Even when not couching a weapon, a horse charging right into a player can do respectable damage by trampling them. However, horses do have a few downsides; They cannot easily make sharp turns - even when standing still - and it's entirely possible for the rider's attacks to hit the horse by accident. Additionally, if the horse runs too quickly into a wall of stakes, it can get impaled and instantly die. If the horse dies for any reason while still being ridden, the rider will immediately fall to the ground, leaving them momentarily vulnerable. Furthermore, a horse that is damaged cannot recover health in any way.

The following weapons can be couched on horseback:


-Wooden shovel


-Rusty Arming Sword


-Short Spear


-Rusty Fork


-Rusty Shovel



-Pole axe





Additionally, some maps may have distinct wooden Lances that can be found lying around, which can also be couched. However, while said lances don't take up a weapon slot, they cannot be used for anything else.

Although almost every one of these weapons is capable of instantly killing even heavily armored foes when couched, there are a few exceptions - For example, against heavy armor, a couched quarterstaff can only do 90 damage against a torso or 60 vs legs

Note that you may also combine the Lance with any shield of your choice, offering the player a small bit of protection while using one on horseback.

If left alone for long enough, a horse may eventually leave a turd, which can be picked up and thrown like a rock.