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Type Default
Armor Unarmored Head
Light Torso
Unarmored Legs
Weapons Longbow, Cleaver and Bandage
Perks Huntsman, Friendly, Cat, Tenacious
Voice Young
Emblem None
Head Nothing
Neck Gambeson Collar Open
Torso Leather Lamellar Cuirass
Shoulders Nothing
Arms Vambrace Arms
Hands Nothing
Waist Leather Lamellar Skirt
Legs Baggy Pants
Feet Pointy Leather Shoes

For the Perk of the same name, see Huntsman (Perk)

The Huntsman is a default mercenary class in Mordhau. He is the only pre-made archer mercenary from all the other default mercenaries. He wields a Longbow, and a Cleaver for close combat and little to no armour available.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Due to his playstyle, he is somehow of a difficult class to master, since positioning is key and the little armor he has makes it very hard to last in prolonged melee fights, as he can get easily taken out with a well placed headshot.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Being an archer class, the Huntsman is very low armoured, meaning he must stay true to his ability : far away from melee fights. He must also beware of other archers because of the Huntsman perk, he can get easily taken out with a well placed arrow.

Huntsman perk works vice-versa as well, you will deal a lot more damage to other archers, possibly taking them out with 1 well placed Longbow arrow, a good strategy would be to prioritise other archers in order to take maximum advantage of this perk.

Remember that the Huntsman perk only works if you have a Bow equipped. When running around the battlefield under archer fire, its best to switch to the Cleaver instead so the extra damage will not affect you.

The Cleaver should not be underestimated. Even if it's short , it has very good damage against plate armour, making it a good self defense weapon should you find yourself in the situation.

Do not forget to use your Bandage in order to heal yourself for 50hp in case you get hurt !

Cat and Tenacious especially will let the player survive fall damage with relative ease, while Tenacious will increase HP regen rate by 66%. Use this to quickly jump away to safety in order to regenerate your health , provided you have enough HP to survive the fall in the first place.

Loadout Data[edit | edit source]

The following string of text can be inserted into your Game.ini file, located at %localappdata%\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsClient and it will create a copy of the Huntsman loadout that you can edit.