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The lance is a miscellaneous weapon in Mordhau. The weapon can only be used while on horseback as a couchable weapon, and cannot be used as a weapon on foot.

The lance is present in any map that includes horses, meaning they will not spawn on Castello.

Remember that the Taiga, Camp and Grad maps do not have lance spawns.

When a player equips a lance, they may couch it on horseback for a limited time window, but the player can not parry while using a lance and it is advised to use a shield when using one.

List of Lance spawns[]

Feitoria Blue Side

20210103133437 1.jpg

Feitoria Red Side

20210103133502 1.jpg20210103133527 1.jpg

Mountain Peak Red Side

20210103131942 1.jpg

Mountain Peak Blue Side

20210103131921 1.jpg

Crossroads Red Side

20210103134206 1.jpg

Crossroads Blue Side

20210103132436 1.jpg