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The Lite Mordhau Test Level is a secret map in Mordhau.

20210113184355 1.jpg

The layout of the map is identical to that of the combat test level, but it has 3 horse spawns in the middle (with lances included), a ballista and a catapult.

The map can be opened with the following console command:

open Litemordhautestlevel

Practice Dummy[]

There is a NPC that spawns within the map, that utilises the loadout at the very top position of your loadouts. There are a number of default controls that let you manipulate the attacks that this dummy NPC will input.

Dummy Controls
Key Action
H Right Overhead
J Right Stab
K Right Horizontal
I Parry
O Right Underhand
[ Kick
] Left Underhand
; Left Horizontal
Numpad 1 Change Alt Mode
Numpad 3 Lean Forward (Increments)
Numpad 5 Switch to Fists
Numpad 9 Lean Backward (Increments)

As a note, if any of these keys are bound/set for any other game control, it will interfere with this functionality.