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The Pavise Shield is a large, wooden shield held with two hands, and also bears long spikes for embedding it in the ground. It serves two main functions: Protecting the bearer from projectiles, and serving as a portable wall.

Similarly to a traditional shield, the Pavise will automatically deflect most projectiles that impact the shield itself, whether it is on the player's back or in hand. It is perhaps the best shield for this purpose, given that it is the largest shield by far, alongside its low gear point cost.

As for its second function, a player can press the attack button whilst holding the shield to deploy it in front of them; this anchors it into the ground to create a short wall, a little shorter than chest high. The shield can be picked back up while in this state; however, if it receives too much damage (two or three kicks or attacks from melee weapons are usually enough), the shield will fall over, and cannot be retrieved anymore. Once a pavise shield has been deployed, a new one can be retrieved by interacting with a Resupply Box, even if the one that has been placed is still present. A maximum of 5 pavises can be placed at once by a single player.

Alt mode: N/A

Gear cost: 2 points

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Despite its name, there is no way to use the Pavise Shield as an actual shield and block with it - aside from its projectile deflection. This also means it is incapable of directly protecting the user from melee attacks unless it is deployed on the ground.
  • The middle of the shield can be decorated with an emblem of your choice, with the sides of it being team-colored.