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Perks are a collection of useful passive abilities that can benefit your character in a variety of ways. You can apply as many as you wish within your build's point budget.


The table below is sorted in the order they are listed ingame.

Cost Name Effects
4 Brawler Increases the damage and attack speed of your bare fists
3 Acrobat Halves the stamina cost of jumping
4 Fury Fully restores your stamina on kill
24 Peasant Restricts your equipment to that of what a peasant would use. Further described below.
3 Fireproof Reduces incoming fire damage by 80%
3 Huntsman Bows, Crossbows, and Throwables do additional damage if you hit the torso or head of an enemy who is also wielding a Bow or Crossbow
1 Friendly Halves the amount of damage you deal and receive from teammates (Removed and made default as of Update #21)
6 Rat 10% faster movement speed while crouched, and 75% quieter footsteps
3 Cat Reduces damage taken from falling by 90%
2 Wrecker Increases melee damage dealt to structures by 50%
3 Smith Increases repair effectiveness to structures by 33%
1 Tenacious Passive health regeneration is 66% faster (Removed and made default as of Update #21)
6 Second Wind Each successful melee attack you land restores 3 stamina
6 Bloodlust Begins HP regeneration instantly upon killing an enemy; this is interrupted if you parry or take a hit from an enemy. (Adjusted from the 15 point version that instantly refilled all HP as of Update #22.)
6 Rush Instantly begin sprinting upon killing an enemy
6 Flesh Wound If you die to something other than a headshot or environmental damage, you stay alive for another 5 seconds. Additional notes below.
2 Scavenger Killing an enemy causes them to drop all of their weapons, instead of just what they had in hand
12 Dodge Jumping while moving backwards or sideways will perform a quick dodging motion rather than a regular jump. Acrobat does not reduce the stamina cost of this.
3 Ranger Makes you move faster whilst aiming a bow or crossbow
1 Mule Adds a 4th inventory slot, which can only be used to pick up equipment
3 Butcher Increased melee damage to horses by 50%
3 Stun If an enemy attempts to block your attack while out of stamina, they will be briefly stunned in addition to being disarmed
2 Supplied Reduces the cooldown of Resupply Boxes by 33%
3 Tank Increases your size by 5.5%, move at a fixed speed regardless of armor (about 70% of normal), receive about 29% less damage from melee and ranged weapons, restricts turncaps, and significantly reduces passive health regen. Also makes Bloodlust only restore 50 health.
3 Dwarf Reduces your size by about 25%, reduces your movement speed by about 20%, and increases damage taken by 50%


While you have the Peasant perk, you may only wear light helmets, and no other kinds of armor. In addition, you can only use a small number of weapons. Most of these are exclusively available to Peasants, but a few can be used regardless of whether or not you have it. The weapons are as follows:

Weapons usable by both regular characters and peasants:

Wooden Mallet, Lute, Quarterstaff, Rock, Blacksmith Hammer, Bear Trap

Weapons exclusive to peasants:

Heavy Branch, Wooden Shovel, Carving Knife, Pitchfork, Rake, Sickle, Frying Pan, Hoe, Rusty Fork, Club, Pickaxe, Rusty Shovel, Scythe, Sledgehammer


When the conditions are met, this perk provides approximately 3x damage for longbows and crossbows, 2.3x damage for the recurve bow, and 1.75x for all throwables. Huntsman will also benefit melee weapons that can be thrown, such as the Shortsword, Blacksmith Hammer, Axe, or Maul - But of course, it does not apply to their melee attacks.

Flesh Wound[]

When flesh wound triggers, it is signified by your character bleeding profusely and screaming, with their health displaying as 0. You may still fight normally during this time, however, if any attacks hit your head, or if you take environmental damage (Falling, fire, running into spikes, etc), the effects will end prematurely. Additionally, although you can receive healing from sources such as bandages or medic bags to bring your health above 0, you will still die after the regular 5 seconds. Furthermore, even if all of your limbs are cut off, you may still move and fight normally - The only exception to this being that you cannot perform kicks if your right leg is cut off.

The perk's name and the concepts surrounding it are a reference to a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Dwarf and Tank[]

Due to the adjusted player model sizes provided by these perks, the overall size of the weapons they use is adjusted accordingly. The difference in weapon reach isn't too major, but still worth noting. Tank scales up the entire character by 5.5% while also reducing the character's head size slightly, so a weapon that is 100 centimeters would become 105.5 centimeters. Additionally, the size of a Pavise is very slightly reduced when placed by a dwarf, however, it's still large enough to almost completely cover the body of a dwarf standing behind it.

If you combine the Dwarf and Tank traits, your character will be slightly larger than a normal dwarf, and move at a sluggish 55% of the normal movement speed. Additionally, you will take about 10% more damage than normal.

Scale comparison.png


With this perk equipped, you will gain the usual 25 HP when you get a kill, and you will also instantly begin regenerating. Just like the default health boost, this does not apply to ranged attacks, thrown weapons, or enemies dying of other causes (such as Toolbox structures or kills where another player delivered the last blow). It only applies to melee attacks, including punches and kicks. Bloodlust's change as of Update 22 (it formerly refilled all HP instantly) lends itself to more frugal use, and makes it less reliable in battle against multiple opponents. A useful tip is to kill an enemy and distance yourself from the rest while you regenerate health.


This perk adds an additional inventory slot which can only be used to pick up equipment. Asides from the three inventory slots you can customize in the mercenary select screen, this perk allows you to pick up other weapons and tools off the ground without giving up your original loadout. Throwables that you pick up off the ground into your extra inventory slot can be resupplied, making this perk useful for players who like to scavenge the battlefield.


This perk restores your stamina pool completely upon a melee kill. Similar to how Bloodlust increases health, Fury increases the stamina boost on kill from +35 to full stamina. Furthermore, it only applies to melee attacks. Throwable and ranged weapons, along with other indirect kills like Fire Bombs or Bear Traps will not restore stamina. However, this perk is significantly cheaper than Bloodlust, since stamina naturally regenerates at a much faster rate than health.


With this perk equipped, Resupply Boxes refresh at a 33% faster rate than normal. Rather than having a 30 second cooldown, it is lowered to 20 seconds. This is most useful for players who utilize Resupply Boxes, as only certain items can use them, like throwable weapons, ranged weapons, the Toolbox, and utility items like Bear Traps or Medic Bags.


This perk increases repair effectiveness to structures by 33%. Affected structures include Toolbox player-made creations and regular structures like doors and defenses. Affected weapons include the Wooden Mallet, Blacksmith Hammer, Heavy Handaxe, Poleaxe, Sledgehammer, and Carrot (a hidden weapon on certain maps). When repairing these structures with these tools, the value of hit points restored is increased by a value of 33%. This perk is most useful for players bringing a weapon like the Blacksmith Hammer or Heavy Handaxe into battle, or players using a Toolbox, since it will have the highest effectiveness compared to picking up a Wooden Mallet off of an objective.


This perk increases melee damage dealt to structures by 50%. It does not apply to ranged attacks or damage coming from other sources like Fire Bombs. Affected structures include Toolbox player-made creations and regular structures like doors and defenses. This perk is most effective for players bringing a weapon with high structure damage, like the Maul or War Axe, since it will have the highest increase on their damage. It is most useful for game modes that have preset structures at the objective, or situations where there are many enemy Toolbox users.


This perk reduces fire damage by 80%. It causes you to take significantly less damage from both enemy and friendly Fire Bombs as well as other sources of fire. It can be useful for fighting many Fire Bombs as well as using them, because it helps you survive enemies' fire attacks while also letting you survive your own, in case you are caught in it. It is also useful for Toolbox users protecting their structures from fire. Other notable uses are on the third objective of the Invasion mode of Mountain Peak, where the Iron Company can spill burning oil onto the objective, or on objectives that involve burning down structures with torches.


This perk increases melee damage to horses by 50%. It does not apply to indirect damage from fire or traps, nor does it apply to ranged attacks. It is most useful for players looking to fight enemies who are on horse, since it will let you quickly take down their horse, leaving them defenseless. It is important to keep in mind that some maps have a much larger presence of horses than others, with Crossroads having the most horses out of all maps.


This perk reduces fall damage by a massive 90% and makes your character no longer scream while being separated from the floor for too long. It allows for falls from much greater heights without risk of death, although your mercenary will still ragdoll after falling from a high enough height. This makes it less useful for high falls into combat, as you will be vulnerable on the ground for a while. It is effective for players who like to travel along high surfaces with a vantage point, like archers. It is important to note that some maps have much less vertical contrast than others, so this perk will be less useful on a map like Camp.


This perk increases crouch movement speed by 10% and decrease footstep noises by 75%. Increased movement speed while crouching is especially useful when maneuvering around placed Beartraps, as crouching does not trigger them. Reduced footstep noises affects sounds made while jumping, vaulting, walking and sprinting. Since movement noises are dependent on armor tiers, with tier 3 being the loudest, combining this perk with tier 1 and tier 2 armor enables the user to be almost silent within the battlefield. This perk is most effectively used by catching opponents off-guard and flanking them.


This perk halves the stamina cost to jump. This effect lowers the jumping cost down to 5, from its original value of 10. If you used your entire stamina pool jumping, you would be able to jump 20 times until you deplete your stamina, instead of the normal value of 10. Acrobat could be useful for players who like to jump to dodge attacks, saving them stamina in the fight.

Friendly (Removed)[]

This perk reduces damage dealt to and taken from teammates by 50%. Official servers already have a default team damage reduction of 50%. It makes the punishment for hitting a teammate even more forgiving, leading to less teamkills. Furthermore, if a teammate damaged another and the both of them have Friendly, the damage will be halved a second time. This makes most damage dealt to teammates insignificant, as long as both players have the Friendly perk. In addition, the perk is useful for more than just accidental melee strikes: Friendly can save a player's life from a teammate's Fire Bomb or a stray arrow from a friendly archer. This perk was removed, and made default as of Update #21