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Gear Pickaxe.png
Weapon type Two-handed
Length (cm) 55 cm
Points 15
Throwable Yes
Head damage 100/100/47/44
Torso damage 47/45/37/34
Leg damage 37/35/22/19
Wood damage 30
Stone damage 100
Windup (ms) 650 ms
Combo (ms) 1050 ms
Release (ms) 500 ms
Recovery (ms) 700 ms
Miss cost 13
Feint cost 10
Morph cost 7
Stamina drain 23
Parry drain Negation 16
Stop on hit No
Can combo No
Hit knockback 130
Can flinch Yes
Turn Cap X 230
Turn Cap Y 161
Stab Head damage 35/32/28/20
Stab Torso damage 30/27/23/15
Stab Leg damage 20/17/13/5
Stab Wood damage 5
Stab Stone damage 10
Stab Windup (ms) 600 ms
Stab Combo (ms) 1000 ms
Stab Release (ms) 350 ms
Stab Miss cost 10
Stab Stamina drain 20
Stab Stop on hit Yes
Stab Hit knockback 125
Head damage 115/110/105/65
Torso damage 65/60/55/50
Leg damage 35/30/25/20
Wood damage 5
Stone damage 1
Can flinch No
Projectile Speed 1650 cm/s
Gravity Scale 1.6
Block movement None
Is block held No

The Pickaxe is a two-handed Peasant weapon. Notable for it's ability to damage stone structures.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Strengths[edit | edit source]

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Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

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Skins / Components[edit | edit source]

The Pickaxe has X skins.

Default skin component table
Component Cost ID Color Set

Historical References[edit | edit source]

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Notes and Trivia[edit | edit source]

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