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Type Default
Armor Heavy Head
Heavy Torso
Medium Legs
Weapons Mace, Kite Shield and Smoke Bomb
Perks Fireproof, Friendly and Tenacious
Voice Knight
Emblem Templar Cross 2
Age 90
Head Pointy Templar
Neck Gambeson Collar Open
Torso Tabard
Shoulders Short Mantle
Arms Chainmail Arms
Hands Chainmail Mittens
Waist Tabard Skirt
Legs Chainmail Hosen
Feet Laced Boots

The Protector is another one of the default mercenaries in Mordhau. He is a heavy armoured knight that also wields a Kite Shield and a Mace, capable of soaking up considerable amounts of damage and projectiles.

Overview[edit | edit source]

He is an excellent beginner class due to his increased damage resistance due to his heavy armor but can also deal excellent amounts of damage at close quarters due to his armor piercing mace.

Strategy and tips[edit | edit source]

The Protector is very well armoured and the addition of the shield makes him able to withstand more punishment unlike other classes. Use this in order to defend or push objectives, defend retreating teammates and attract arrow and throwable fire towards you rather than your teammates.

The Protector comes equipped with a Smoke Bomb which can be very useful at concealing an area from arrow fire and throwable , allowing teammates to take cover to heal and recover. The Smoke Bomb should also be used to directly counter the Fire Bomb , since it will douse the flames the moment the bombs come in contact. Use this to push through barriers and objectives easier on offense and to defend your engineer buildings from fire on defence.

The mace, although short, packs a serious punch and can 2 hit kill any chest or head armour no matter the tier. Do not be afraid to deal some well placed mace swings in order to greatly weaken the opponent.

Although he is very well armoured, the heavy armour combined with the shield makes the Protector very slow . Beware of your surroundings as you can get easily flanked , especially while in Shield Riot Mode ( Hold R with shield) as your turn rate and visibility are greatly reduced.

Be careful while switching between Riot Shield Mode , pressing R (not holding it) will actually throw your mace instead of activating the shield hold , which will leave you without any means to attack. You can , however , still parry with the shield in your hand , but you cannot attack unless you find another weapon or use the fists without the shield.

Loadout Data[edit | edit source]

The following string of text can be inserted into your Game.ini file, located at %localappdata%\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsClient and it will create a copy of the Protector loadout that you can edit.