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When playing in ranked game modes such as Duel and Teamfight you can earn MMR points and be assigned a rank. There are 6 tiers, that each have 5 ranks within.

If you do not play within 1 week, your rank icon will change to "Unranked" but your MMR value will remain the same. Playing a single match will restore your rank after the MMR value has been adjusted.

Rank MMR Values
Unranked Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Elite
Unranked.png 0 Bronze 1.png 100 Silver 1.png 600 Gold 1.png 1100 Platinum 1.png 1600 Diamond 1.png 2100 Elite 1.png 2600
Bronze 2.png 200 Silver 2.png 700 Gold 2.png 1200 Platinum 2.png 1700 Diamond 2.png 2200 Elite 2.png 2700
Bronze 3.png 300 Silver 3.png 800 Gold 3.png 1300 Platinum 3.png 1800 Diamond 3.png 2300 Elite 3.png 2800
Bronze 4.png 400 Silver 4.png 900 Gold 4.png 1400 Platinum 4.png 1900 Diamond 4.png 2400 Elite 4.png 2900
Bronze 5.png 500 Silver 5.png 1000 Gold 5.png 1500 Platinum 5.png 2000 Diamond 5.png 2500 Elite 5.png 3000+