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Type Default
Armor Light Head
Unarmored Torso
Unarmored Legs
Weapons Rapier, Fire Bomb and Bear Trap
Perks Friendly, Tenacious, Rush, and Dodge
Voice Foppish
Emblem Sun
Age 254
Head Wanderers Hood
Neck Nothing
Torso Wanderers Vest
Shoulders Wanderers Scarf
Arms Vambrace Arms
Hands Wanderers Gloves
Waist Wanderers Skirt
Legs Wanderers Pants
Feet Pointy Leather Shoes

The Scoundrel is one of the default mercenary classes presented in Mordhau. He is lightly armoured, and wields a Rapier, Fire Bomb and Bear Trap as a secondary items.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Scoundrel most frail and fast default loadout in Mordhau. He shouldn't be used in direct engagements, instead you should take advantage of his high mobility to get behind the enemy lines and sabotage engineers or take out lone targets with help of his bear trap.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

A Scoundrel should capitalize on its ability to move quickly around the map in order to ambush his targets, however be mindful of your surroundings; since he has low armor, most weapons in the game can kill him in two or one hits.

The rapier as a main weapon isn't that great at dealing with multiple enemies at the same time. However, the rapier greatly synergizes with the beartraps, since it has high speed you can take down most bear trapped players before they can get up and react.

Firepots have multiple uses but since its radius is relatively small it's advised to use it against stationary targets like engineer structures (such as ballistas and spikes/archer covers) or siege weapons (catapults/mounted ballistas). You can also use them to great effect in chokepoints, use Scoundrel's speed to get a better positioning and spread chaos in the enemy side.

Scoundrel should avoid ranged combat at all costs, use his mobility to flank archers and take them out with bear traps or rapier if possible.

Regarding his perks, Rush gives him extra movement speed whenever getting a kill, use this to escape fights or to search another target. Dodge can be a useful perk for evading enemy melee attacks, but it should be used sparingly to prevent running out of stamina.

Loadout Data[edit | edit source]

The following string of text can be inserted into your Game.ini file, located at %localappdata%\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsClient and it will create a copy of the Scoundrel loadout that you can edit.