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Overview[edit | edit source]

Among the many maps of Mordhau, one may find a variety of structures and intractable objects that can be utilized. Most are placed in a predetermined location throughout the map, but a few of them can be manipulated by players in one way or another.

Fixed structures[edit | edit source]

The following includes a variety of objects that are always in the same spot on a given map and cannot be moved or destroyed by players.

Resupply Boxes[edit | edit source]

Large, rectangular wooden chests that appear to be filled with a multitude of bags, arrows, and other supplies. When interacted with, the player will instantly replenish their stock of all expendable items they may have - Fire Bombs, Crossbow bolts, Toolbox ammunition, Bear Traps, etc. A player cannot interact with these boxes if they are already at max capacity for said expendables, or if they have nothing to restock in the first place (An icon showing a bundle of arrows will appear over a usable supply box). Additionally, once a resupply box is used, it will close, and the player must wait 30 seconds before they can use it again. This timer applies to every resupply box on the map, but does not apply to other players - only the individual who used it.

Fortification Kits[edit | edit source]

An assortment of logs and/or sandbags, painted with the colors of one of the two teams. These can usually be found around a map's control points, in their unassembled state. Using any weapon capable of repairing wooden structures (like the blacksmith hammer), a player can begin hitting the piles of their respective team to begin building the fortification, and being awarded points for repairing it in the process. These piles will often have multiple stages of construction, and different collision properties depending on the stage, but typically end up forming a wall of some sort. Players cannot damage their own team's fortifications, but can damage the enemy's.

Gate Controls[edit | edit source]

A circular lever which opens and closes a nearby gate. There is no cooldown for interacting with these, and the gates themselves are immune to being damaged.

Rock Piles[edit | edit source]

A small platform of planks with a pile of large rocks on each of them. When interacted with, the player will sheathe their current weapon in favor of a large, heavy rock, which can be thrown overhead to inflict damage upon enemies. The piles will contain up to 5 rocks at once, with a new one being added to the pile every 15 seconds.

Rock Basket[edit | edit source]

A basket of large rocks, often found positioned by ledges. When interacted with, the basket will tip over, raining rocks upon anyone beneath it and inflicting a fair amount of damage - though the rocks tend to spread enough while falling that the chances of every rock landing on an opponent are quite low. The basket will refill about 30 seconds after it has finished pouring.

Oil Cauldron[edit | edit source]

An iron cauldron filled with bubbling, blazing hot oil. These are also found above ledges, much like rock baskets, and work pretty similarly. When used, they will tip over and create a large area of fire on the ground below them, which lasts for about 10 seconds and functions similarly to the area produced by firebombs. The cauldron will slowly rotate back to its original position over the course of 30 seconds, at which point it will be ready to be poured again.

Mobile structures[edit | edit source]

These are a collection of structures which can be manipulated or destroyed by players.

Ladder[edit | edit source]

A classic means of scaling heights, ladders can be found on just about every map, and come in varying heights. There are two main varieties of ladders; Fixed ones that never move, and rotating ones, which the player can interact with to raise against its respective wall or knock it back down. While on a ladder, a player can only move by climbing up or down it, or by jumping off. Their camera rotation is also heavily restricted, and they can only attack using one handed melee weapons. Additionally, if a player is kicked or hit by certain strong attacks while on a ladder, they will fall off it, likely taking additional damage from falling as well.

Ballista[edit | edit source]

A giant mounted crossbow with a crank to pull back the string, the ballista is an extremely powerful siege weapon. When manned, it fires deadly bolts that travel a considerable distance, and are easily capable of one-shotting almost anything. If damaged, it can be repaired with anything that can repair wooden structures. However, it does have a few downsides; It can only be fired roughly once every five seconds (though you don't need to be manning it for it to reload), has a limit on the angles it can be fired at (usually map-specific), the user is immobile while aiming it, and it cannot be moved. Additionally, if the ballista is destroyed, it takes a lengthy 3 minutes to reappear. Known ballista locations include Crossroads, Camp, and Mountain Peak.

Catapult[edit | edit source]

A large wooden launcher on wheels, the catapult is quite deadly in its own right, able to launch heavy rocks long distances which create a large shockwave on impact. The catapult can be moved and turned at will, albeit rather slowly, and the angle it fires at can also be adjusted. Additionally, if it is damaged, it can be repaired with anything capable of repairing wooden structures. However, it takes about 10 seconds after firing to be reloaded, and 3 minutes to reappear if destroyed

Mortar[edit | edit source]

A massive iron tube launching explosive payload, the Mortar is found on Crossroads and Feitoria, and is a very valuable asset to have control over. Every 6 seconds, it can fire an explosive iron cannonball long distances, with a series of dots providing aim assistance while being operated. Be very careful, however; If the cannonball hits a player or toolbox structure in front of it, or if the mortar is aimed low enough to hit the surrounding terrain, the cannonball will easily demolish not only the players surrounding it, but also the mortar itself, depending on how close said obstruction is.

Toolbox structures[edit | edit source]

These are wooden contraptions that are usually not found on maps, but can be built by any player using the Toolbox. As such, the amount of Toolbox ammunition needed to build one of these structures will be displayed by its name. Be aware that a single player can have up to 1 mounted crossbow, 2 arrow pits, and up to 6 of any combination of spike walls and archer covers built at once; Any more, and the oldest structure of that category will automatically vanish.

Spike Wall (2 ammo)[edit | edit source]

A ramp of sharp logs, which is a little above waist high at its tallest. These spikes are primarily used to slow down the progress of enemies and impale horses; Anything that moves towards the spikes will be pushed back and take significant damage, based on both the speed the spikes are approached at and what kind of torso armor the victim is wearing. These will also serve as a solid means of discouraging cavalry from entering an area, as a horse charging into these spikes is almost guaranteed to die instantly.

Archer Cover (1 ammo)[edit | edit source]

A very simple yet effective building, consisting of a wall of wood that's about shoulder height with the average player. These can be an excellent means of fortifying a location - particularly tight corridors where one or two walls are all that's needed to block passage - to slow down enemy advances and provide cover for allies.

Arrow Pit (6 ammo)[edit | edit source]

A crude brazier with many arrows sticking out of it. Whenever a player approaches one of these with a loaded longbow or recurve bow, the tip of their currently nocked arrow will be ignited. This will cause anybody hit by the arrow to be set on fire for a X seconds, typically adding an additional X damage to the arrow's total damage (or X if the victim has Fireproof). This will also apply to the Mounted Crossbow if it is also built nearby, but not the actual crossbow itself. Also, despite its appearance, the brazier will not damage or ignite anybody that steps into it.

Mounted Crossbow (12 ammo)[edit | edit source]

A smaller variant of the Ballista, with a small wall of planks in front of it. Though not quite as devastating as the full-size version the mounted crossbow is still a threatening tool on the battlefield, capable of doing considerable damage to anything the bolts hit - which can be further increased with a nearby Arrow Brazier. It's also capable of firing roughly one bolt per second, and automatically recovers one bolt every 2.5 seconds, to a maximum capacity of 5 bolts. However, like the ballista, anyone manning the mounted crossbow cannot move around and has limited firing angles, leaving them vulnerable to ambushes. Additionally, the crossbow itself is rather fragile; Most melee weapons can easily demolish it with two or three swings, and firebombs are also a significant threat. However, it does at least take minimal damage from most projectiles.