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Map Taiga.png

Taiga is a map in Mordhau.

Areas / Landmarks

Show a gallery of notable landmarks and locations.


List of any secret items, hidden locations, messages left by the devs.

Game Modes

It supports the following gamemodes:


Map Name: FL_Taiga

Red Team Variant


Map Name: INV_Taiga_0


Map Name: SKM_Taiga

64 Player Variant


Map Name: SKM_Taiga_64


Map Name: TDM_Taiga

64 Player Variant

Map Name: TDM_Taiga_64


Map Name: FFA_Taiga

Insert an overview of the Horde item locations, chest locations, known good spots and strategies.

Map Name: HRD_Taiga

Insert an overview of chest locations, and strategies.

Map Name: BR_Taiga

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