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Gear Toolbox.png
Points 24
Gold Cost ?
Item Type Engineer
Charges 12
Interaction Speed ?
Item Limit 1 Mounted Crossbow
2 Arrow Pits
6 Plank Walls / Wooden Stakes

Toolbox[edit | edit source]

The toolbox is a utility item designed to create a variety of useful structures. There are currently 4 structures that can be created by this item. It is used by the Engineer default mercenary. It's usually best to pair one with a weapon capable of repairing wooden structures. This includes the Wooden Mallet, Blacksmith Hammer, Heavy Handaxe, or Poleaxe. The Sledgehammer and Carrot can also repair, but they are not viable tools to pair with a Toolbox. To replenish the Toolbox's ammo, interact with a Resupply Box. This will allow you to restore your ammunition completely once every 30 seconds, or 20 with the Supplied perk.

Alt mode: Changes building selection.

Usage and Structures[edit | edit source]

The Toolbox has an ammo capacity of 12, with each of its structures requiring a varying amount of ammo to build. While the toolbox is held, a hologram of the selected building is displayed in front of the player, showing where it will be and what angle it will be at once finished. If the hologram is red, the player cannot build the structure at the indicated spot - otherwise, it will be green. Once construction begins, a partially-completed version of the structure will appear in front of the player, and begin automatically assembling itself over the course of a few seconds (with the exception of the Arrow Pit, which is built instantly). Construction can be sped up by hitting the building with any weapon that repairs wooden structures.

Be aware that there is a limit to how many structures one can create; Each player is limited to 1 Mounted Crossbow, 2 Arrow Pits, and 6 of any combination of Plank Walls and Wooden Stakes (E.G. 4 walls and 2 stakes, or 6 stakes and 0 walls). If any more of these categories are built, the oldest existing one will instantly vanish. Additionally, if the player changes to a mercenary that lacks a toolbox, leaves the server, or changes teams, all previously built structures will vanish as well.

Spike Wall (2 ammo)[edit | edit source]

A ramp of sharp logs, which is a little above waist high at its tallest. These spikes are primarily used to slow down the progress of enemies and impale horses; Anything that moves towards the spikes will be pushed back and take significant damage, based on both the speed the spikes are approached at and what kind of torso armor the victim is wearing. These will also serve as a solid means of discouraging cavalry from entering an area, as a horse charging into these spikes is almost guaranteed to die instantly. Spikes which have been significantly damaged will not function until repaired.

Archer Cover (1 ammo)[edit | edit source]

A very simple yet effective building, consisting of a wall of wood that reaches about shoulder height. These can be an excellent means of fortifying a location - particularly tight corridors where one or two walls are all that's needed to block passage - to slow down enemy advances and provide cover for allies. However, they can be vaulted over, so enemies can easily pass this barricade unless it is being constantly defended. As the name suggests, it is notably useful as cover for friendly archers, or to protect a Mounted Crossbow.

Arrow Pit (6 ammo)[edit | edit source]

A crude brazier with many arrows sticking out of it. Whenever a player approaches one of these with a loaded longbow or recurve bow, the tip of their currently loaded arrow will be ignited. This will cause anybody hit by the arrow to be set on fire for a few seconds, adding additional damage to the arrow's total damage (lessened if the victim has Fireproof). This will also apply to the Mounted Crossbow if it is also built nearby, but not the actual crossbow weapon. It also ignites Catapult ammunition, causing fire to cover the ground where the boulder lands. Also, despite its appearance, the brazier will not damage or ignite anybody that steps into it.

Mounted Crossbow (12 ammo)[edit | edit source]

A smaller variant of the Ballista, with a small wall of planks attached to its front. Though not quite as devastating as the full-size version, the mounted crossbow is still a threatening tool on the battlefield, capable of doing considerable damage to anything the bolts hit - which can be further increased with a nearby Arrow Brazier. It's also capable of firing roughly one bolt per second, and automatically recovers one bolt every 2.5 seconds, to a maximum capacity of 5 bolts. However, like the ballista, anyone manning the mounted crossbow cannot move around and has limited firing angles, leaving them vulnerable to ambushes. Additionally, the crossbow itself is rather fragile; Most melee weapons can easily demolish it with two or three swings, and firebombs are also a significant threat. However, it does at least take minimal damage from most projectiles.

Notes and Trivia[edit | edit source]